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Download the Psalm 19 Ministries Bible Reading Schedule on your iPad or iPhone - Here is your link. Once you download it into your pad or phone, then go to settings and set your schedule for the Psalm 19 Ministries Plan. It takes a bit of work but having it on my iPhone and iPad and enjoy having available.

One of the most effective ways of getting the Word of God into our hearts and minds is to read the Bible every day and to read it in a systematic way. Submitting ourselves to the truth of the Holy Spirit as we read will greatly enhance our understanding of the text.

We are often asked, “Which Bible translation do you recommend?” Our answer is very simple, “One you will read.” So if you are just beginning to read and study the Word, we suggest you find one you will read. As you progress in your heart in the Word, there will be others you will want to invest in and read as well.

1st Plan - We suggest one begin by reading 1 chapter of the New Testament a day. That takes less than 5 minutes at day. In less than one year, you will have read the entire New Testament. Our one year free booklet will help you if you need a schedule. Just call 315-396-0129 or email for a hard or digital copy.

2nd Plan - The entire Bible in a year is more of an investment, but only takes 15 minutes a day for a normal reader. Reading 5 chapters a day will complete the book in one year. Our One Year Bible Reading Plan takes the reader through the Old Testament chronologically while pairing it daily with a chapter of the New Testament and a Psalm or chapter of Proverbs. Again, feel free to contact us for a hard or digital copy of the schedule.

Do begin investing with the Lord Jesus through His word. The rewards of doing so will last into eternity.

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